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does this guy use? what time of ammunition did he use? did he target any of the children or the adults specifically? a lost times in these situations an individual will start out with one target and he will wine up if he has the appear in addition shooting several people we trying to find out if he targets one. somebody or something ignited this guy. either today or yesterday. it seems like someone ignited this guy yesterday because it seemed like it was a mapped shooting but when i talk to my sources he was ready. i am not sure if he had this planned out or was this a respond attendous event? those are the questions we are trying to find out right now. >> you know, his brother, ryan, who was originally identified as the shooter maybe because adam had something indicating he was ryan on him, but, that brother is now in police custody in new jersey. what are authorities trying to get out of him if he were not an accomplice, what are they trying to learn? >> it is not unusual for family members to be thought as being a person that committed an act when another family member did it. that
the very least republicans can expect and should expect of democrats is, give us your pound of flesh. the ratio was thought to be when this was done a year ago, we would see $3 in cut for $1 in tax hikes but now it is the opposite. it has been inverted. things could change, but i am told behind closed doors it is not happening. what do you make of that? >>guest: i have said this before about a sense of history and why so many conservatives see the 3-1, or whatever the ratio is, to be phony, that is how they played out in past history. under the reagan administration when he was dealing with thomas "tip" o'neill and under the george bush administration when, as i said, i was in school clothes necessity made the deals and the republicans fell for it and the spending cuts never came. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, in what administration were you still in school clothes >>guest: you can look it up on the intent. >>neil: when the republicans cave you promise the spending cuts if i didn't give you tax hikes and they never get to the spending cuts. >>guest: right and when we pay the price,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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